Client Testimonials

... "A life with animals requires partnerships, an important measure of which is trust in knowledge that reaches beyond our own passionate, somewhat experienced, and always hopeful care. Dr. Chris and Churchman Animal Hospital has been our home for dog and cat care throughout the decades we've shared with many beloved pets. Our family never hesitates to turn to what we've grown to know in the professional practice at Churchman. The good graces there are sometimes spoken in bold voices. All animals ask you to listen. When we do, we're better for it."
Linda Stark

... "We have been using Churchman Animal Hospital for over 20 years. Dr. Chris and his staff go above and beyond compassion, and ensuring the highest quality, care and follow-up calls, and with his facility composed in a family-like setting. We have recommended Churchman to several of our friends and family."

David and Debbie Morford

... "We have been taking our beagle, Candie, to Dr. Chris and his staff for 13 years, and our Pomeranian, Popcorn, for almost 3 years. I cannot say enough good things about the Churchman Animal Hospital. The staff is very courteous and professional and there is very low turnover. Dr. Chris will go out of his way to answer any and all questions you have, and to make certain you are at ease with the treatment of your family member. Dr. Chris is a very accessible doctor. He is one of the most compassionate and uncompromising animal advocates you will ever find. We feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Chris and his staff, and we are confident you will feel this way as well."
Bill and Diane Jester

... "Our family is very important to my husband and me. Although we never intended to, we have adopted several dogs (currently 9) and one cat. The ONLY place we entrust the healthcare of our fury friends is Churchman Animal Hospital. What we trust and believe in is the individual attention our animals receive from Dr. Chris and his staff. Before discovering Churchman Animal Hospital, we had used two other veterinarians, and while generally they were competent, the noticeable difference is that Dr. Chris really cares about the animals (and their human companions). Some of the dogs we adopted had health problems that we were aware of, and some that Dr. Chris recognized right away. In either case, he helped us regain a healthy status for them. One of the dogs that we adopted, Isis, had mange (early stages) that Dr. Chris identified right away. We alerted the rescue group and found that the sister to our dog had a problem, but was being treated for something else (their vet did not diagnose it properly). Once I let them know what Dr. Chris identified, they took her sister back to their vet and asked that she be tested for mange. Guess what.........she finally got the right treatment and recovered! Isis got the right treatment after her first visit------that's why I trust Churchman Animal Hospital and Christopher Dristas, DVM!"
Chris Beard

... "I have been a client of Churchman Animal Hospital for five years or so, and have not regretted it one minute. The care that my animals receive is unmatched. Dr. Chris and his staff are truly Godsends. I never had any doubts about the superb treatment that my dog and cat have received, but their caring was exemplified a few months ago when my very sick cat had emergency surgery and had to stay overnight for observation. Dr. Chris and his staff took turns all night long staying with Cleo, my cat, to make sure he was okay. With this said, don’t take my word for how I feel about Churchman Animal Hospital----that's all I have to do is look at the reaction my dog, Molly, has every time we pull into the parking lot---once she jumps out of the van, she can't wait to run up the stairs and go inside and greet the staff. I have had pets all of my life and this is the first time ever that my pets have reacted in such a positive manner at the vet. I have recommended Churchman Animal Hospital to a friend of mine, and she raves about the kindness shown to her pet as well. She has had dogs for forty years and has never found a vet and staff as caring as Churchman Animal Hospital. I believe she thinks Dr. Chris walks on water!"
Deirdre Tiernan, CPA

... "Dr. Chris and his staff at Churchman Animal Hospital are extraordinary. In many ways they "treat" the owner as well as the pet. The concern, compassion, and caring shown not only to the pets, but their owners as well, is unsurpassed. I simply will not allow my "babies" to see anyone but Dr. Chris. Prior to becoming a client of Churchman Animal Hospital, I had become somewhat jaded in my attitude to veterinarians. I was tired of the impersonal and mechanical approach many of the previous vet practices has shown. It seemed to me that the bottom line in veterinary practices was the money that could be made. I truly did not believe that anyone could show the respect and love for animal life, that Dr. Chris and his staff display daily. With bated breath, I took a leap of faith and chose to make an appointment at Churchman Animal Hospital for my dog. I chose Churchman Animal Hospital out of the phone book, and hoped it would not be too bad. I was completely wrong in my assumptions towards all vets, and Dr. Chris has proven that so. I do not mind to say I am glad I was wrong. I have recommended Churchman Animal Hospital to my family and friends, and everyone that has gone has been wonderfully pleased. It is a relief that I have a veterinarian that looks out for the best interest for my pets' health and happiness. Dr. Chris and his staff cannot receive enough accolades in my opinion. They are truly the best veterinary practice in Indianapolis."
Kathleen T.

... "As a health care professional myself for 36 years, I know the importance of health care. I know for a fact that people do not seek health care when they do not have a sense of trust in their health care provider. It is the same when it comes to the care given by pet care professionals. I have been taking my "pet children" to Churchman Animal Hospital for almost 20 years now. When Dr. Chris started his practice at this hospital and eventually assumed ownership, I was taken by the professional care he gave to his patients, his genuine caring attitude, his outstanding surgery abilities and his never ending search to learn new ways to treat illnesses. His staff at the hospital are just as compassionate and concerned for the clients they serve! For me and my cat family, there is only ONE choice when it comes to the medical care of my brood - Churchman Animal Hospital."
L. Bray and Kitties